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A Famous Singer Once Sang, “You Should Go and Love Yourself”

While it may be out of context, it still rings true! We must love ourselves even during the most challenging times. 

For most of us, staying home created a lot of changes in our routines. Drastic changes from waking up before sunrise for work to snoozing the alarm until 30 minutes before call time at 9 AM; from buying a cup of coffee every morning to learning to brew our own caffeine fix; from being all dressed up head-to-toe to not caring about whether we’ve taken a bath or not before a meeting; from preparing a week’s list of #OOTDs to almost not minding if we’re wearing a decent pair of trousers. The list goes on!

At the on-set of the pandemic, most of us would still wake up early because our body clocks have trained us to do so. We would still take a bath before starting a day’s work. We would prepare or order our breakfast. We would set up our work area and coordinate with our colleagues. We would get dressed up just like on a normal workday.

However, quarantine fatigue hit not so long after. Most of us started snoozing the alarm until 15 minutes before the call time (Just enough time to wash our faces and brush our teeth!). We would grab whatever food was ready (If none, then no breakfast for us). We stopped bothering to take a bath before meetings. Dressing up from head to toe became a thing of the past. One can be all too formal in a suit on cam while being overly comfortable wearing shorts and socks behind the screens.

 It’s so easy to de-prioritize self-care when we’re home several days a week. At some point, we may have stopped caring at all! Even going to the laundry shop wasn’t a thing because we had to wash and iron our own clothes to save us from the contagious exposure. At some point, we may have become complacent in prioritizing self-love.

Despite the limited outdoor activities and in-person meetings, we must take care of ourselves first and foremost. Self-love is still the best and first kind of love (especially now in the month of love!).

Here are ways to pamper yourself once in a while:


  1. Order your favorite food. Order that spinach pizza you’ve been dying to eat since New Year or that pricey yogurt drink. Dial that 5-digit hotline and give in to what you believe is the best fries in the world! Reserve that carousel cake you’ve been eyeing on since Christmas. Believe that there's inner joy and satisfaction when you reward yourself once in a while.


For the more health conscious, go for what will make you happy, contented, and guilt-free. A lot of restaurants and start-up businesses serve vegan dishes and keto-friendly menu!


  1. Take a day off. Let your mind wander or get into your "nothing box". That is, a day to just take it easy. Read that book gathering dust on your shelf for over a year (guilty?). Finish a series everyone has been talking about. Jumpstart that business. Take it further. Take it one step at a time. Or just take it easy. Do whatever suits you best.


  1. Set up a photoshoot for yourself. Yes, if you’re feeling a little extra, because why not? Pick your favorite clothes, make a shot list with different angles from serious to wacky. Don your favorite gown or cocktail dress… wear your long-coveted summer outfit ... or practice on that lady’s suit! Just project and get your game on!


How can you prepare your clothes in a fast, easy-to-use, and convenient way? Get hold of Dowell Fabricare Garment Steamer. It makes your adulting life easier! You can iron your clothes without the hassle of setting up that heavy iron board or fearing you might get your hands burned in the process. No need to lay your clothes down. The vertical steaming technology easily refreshes even your delicate clothes, removes creases and cleans, and sanitizes and moisturizes for long-lasting care.


Fabricare’s powerful and effortless steaming comes in three models to match your specific needs: the handheld, lightweightand ideal travel buddy Fabricare Lite CSH-35, the large-capacity, 4-level-steaming Fabricare Pro, and the easy-to-use ironing board, Fabricare Max. Send us a message on Facebook Page for more inquiries.


  1. Glam up! The diva in you deserves a beauty boost. Now that you’ve got your clothes ready for that photoshoot, it’s time to prepare the most important of all – you! Every outfit matches a hairstyle, so make sure your hair is ready to get curled, straightened, and blown! Dowell’s Hair Care Line Collection keeps you prettier and safer with its layers of protection. Your hair is not called your crowning glory for nothing. Choosing the right equipment is crucial to achieving your desired look. The Professional Hair Blower (PHB-23P) has a cold shot button and ion generator which eliminates frizz and creates hair protective drying experience. The Curling Iron (CI-29T) has 5 temperature levels which are suited to all types of hair; damaged, thin, natural, thick and super thick hair, and the Hair Straightener (HS-18T) has a ceramic coating that provides amazing and shining healthy finishes to your hair. Did you know these are easily portable, so you can bring it anywhere especially when the pandemic is over! You don’t have to worry about replacing it because Dowell offers free lifetime service, too.


Give yourself some love not just this season of hearts, but all year round! Stay well, feel well, and live well with Dowell.


For more information about Dowell Fabricare Garment Steamer, Hair Care Line Collection, and other appliances, call or follow our official Facebook page. Dowell products are also available in all leading appliance stores, department stores, supermarket and online stores

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